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Dubai HotSpot is here now, where summer reaches 47 and even 50 degrees C. That's warm my friend. Today - how's the weather in Abu Dhabi and Dubai? See here...It's an even

and that's nice and liveable. A paradise where east meets west and to which the peoples of the world are now flocking. Thousands, daily. Are you about to take a journey amongst these exotic arabian sights and aromas?

On a warm July day, I was a visitor and my first impression of Dubai was one of massive growth. A friend in the construction industry in Dubai said that 80% of the world's tall cranes are busy working there and on glancing around you realise that most of the city is being constructed right before your eyes! Thanks to insightful Royal leadership and smart state planning, Dubai's current rate of growth exceeds that of the Chinese cities. Some achievement. How do they do it?

Burj Al Arab, The Arab Tower at night in Dubai is truly outstanding

Located here in West Asia at the beginning of The Persian Gulf, just over the water from Iran, The United Arab Emirates enjoys an abundant wealth of oil and tourism, and boasts two highly awarded international airlines, in Etihad and Emirates. Such national achievements find their reflection in the blue green glassed windows of exquisite architecture... the new buildings going up massively everywhere you look. Notably, the Burj Al Arab hotel, pictured above, which is right on the water and the ambitious Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower), now renamed the Burj Khalifa - thanks to financial support from oil rich Abu Dhabi, - is now completed - rising to much, much more than ... 170 storeys? It's over 800 metres tall. Almost a kilometre high. The World's tallest building.

By comparison, New York's Empire State Building has 102 stories. The Burj Khalifa certainly is already the world's tallest building, thanks to engineering co-operation between the USA, UAE, UK and Samsung Construction of South Korea. What's impressive to me is the thinking, the planning and the mindset of achievement behind such an architectural and engineering masterpiece.
You've got to see this city. Dubai will absolutely blow your ex-pat mind!

A luxury shopping mall, The Mall of The Emirates, even has a ski-field with snow and tows inside the mall all glassed off and with air con. I am not kidding you. Ski Dubai would seem crazy and impossible in such a hot climate - but there it is. Not far from a huge book shop, a French bakery cafe and a Persian rug store. That's the international flavor of the Emirates Mall. Where Emirati, Iranian, Saudi, UK ex pats, Filipinos, Indians, Pakistanis, Japanese, Aussies and Kiwis all stroll in global harmony.

And there we've touched on the truth of Dubai. It works. It is a form of free market globalisation that works. Practically a duty free shopping environment of global abundance and that's why you must visit Dubai and see it with your very own wide open eyes. You're in for a pleasant surprise. All you need to do is 'decide' to fly to the tourist hotspots of the UAE for some blissful time out. Go on, pamper yourself. You deserve to sense and feel this unprecedented Arabian paradise. The experience of a lifetime. Where the past blends exquisitely into the future. Now come with me and save on travel, globally! Step out ...

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