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Here are a few more pics of various hotspots I visited in August 2007. Seen these? There's also a surprise for business people at the very bottom of the page...


Roof top pool, Sheik Zayed Road


Roof top pool in Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai



Sheik Zayed Road


Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai



View towards the shipping port at Dubai


View from Sahara Tower towards the port of Dubai. The building in the centre is a massive freezer for making ice, or so I was told. Even that building is impressive. So we leave Dubai with a lasting impression of really outstanding and creative architecture. Also see new save on Travel section about something amazing. It's a way to get travel discounts and make everything tax deductible. And don't forget a visit to our online shopping mall featuring Amazon international deals and discounts. Always.


Geoffrey Dodd is a travel writer and Internet entrepreneur focusing on the United Arab Emirates and the United States.






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