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Photos of Dubai UAE shopping malls are here now for you to feast your duty free hungry eyes on, even one mall containing a built-in, glassed off, air conditioned ski-field. The Mall of The Emirates has everything your fluttering heart yearns for! It covers over 223,000 sq. metres and includes the French Carrefour hyper-supermarket, with amazing specials on electronics, plus all supermarket food lines. You'll find well over 400 retailers, many tasty restaurants, a 14 screen movies cinema complex, roller coasters plus other rides, gaming areas, and yes, even another five star hotel. (Dubai's hotels require a higher grading up to seven stars!) Persian carpets? Come to The Mall of The Emirates, where basement parking is massive and prices are generally tax free. Let's say basement prices for quality goods.

Want to learn to ski while it's mid summer outside? No problem in Dubai at Emirates Mall and here's proof. There are ski instructors and chair lifts inside, madame...


Mall of The Emirates contains Ski Dubai


No, it's not snowing a blizzard! The flash has reflected off a solid glass wall that encapsulates a different world. You can go skiing, throw snowballs or stand outside, gazing at this incredible contrast. You've got to see this innovative city.

Other shopping malls abound, notably near the sea on Jumeirah Beach Road. Mercato has a mediterranean feel as it features Italian Renaissance architecture. Dubai is practically a duty free shopping paradise of global abundance. And in general, there are no taxes with the two exceptions of airline tickets and hotel bookings. That's some incentive. Perhaps that's a reason for the awesome rate of growth of both tourism in The Emirates and the economy of the region. Come shopping. Be pleased with the prices. Enjoy food from Iran, Paris, Japan, Morocco, whatever you want. Buy a notebook computer and a good book to read on the flight. Clothing, a Persian rug, cosmetics and accessories, gold jewelry... anything!

Here are two photos taken inside the beautiful Mercato mall where colors find a natural harmony.


Exquisite mall for your shopping pleasure



Food Halls are ever popular too



Night view from Sahara Tower towards the sea


 A view from Sahara Tower, Sheik Zayed Road, towards the shopping mall near the sea, Mercato on Jumeirah Beach Road. Dubai is perfect for night time photography. Climb a tower and use an automatic time exposure like I did here. Digital photography takes us into new dimensions. These photos were taken using a Samsung Techwin Digimax S700 digital camera. Also see new save on Business and Travel section.



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